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November 12, 2012

Miscellaneous views from Canandaigua Lake

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This is a collection of photos I took while working down at Canandaigua Lake. The weather patterns there fascinate me and being around the water is calming to my soul. When I grow up, I would have a house there (with no neighbors and no noisy boats) and take pictures of the lake every day. Enjoy!

Liz's pic

Windmills at the south end of the lake


Trees, trees, trees

Sunset over the lake

A pretty day

Puffball mushroom

A lone manned balloon over the lake


Fall colors

More fall colors

Storm coming

Storm closer

Birds leaving


Canandaigua truly is a “Chosen Spot,” especially for me!

November 2, 2012

Fall 2012 at the Phipps

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We had a great trip to Pittsburgh again at the end of October to celebrate Kelsey’s birthday. A requisite visit to the Phipps Conservatory was in order and the Fall show was outstanding! I have never seen so many varieties of chrysanthemum and all were beautifully displayed. Did you know that there is a hanging basket type? It was gorgeous drooping from the wall planters and, of course, the hanging baskets.

The usual plantings were interspersed with the seasonal displays and every time we go, it looks different, yet the same. It would be an incredible place for someone who loves plants like I do to work.

A note before viewing the slideshow: In slide #4, the plant with the unusual bright red cone-like center is a Zululand cycad. This plant is native to Mozambique in South Africa. Its leaf fronds resemble a holly fern and it has both a male and a female form. This one is a female as it has only one central cone and is stemless (sessile). The male bears several cones on short stalks and is somewhat less colorful.

Slideshow for Phipps Fall 2012

They do such beautiful displays at the Phipps, don’t they?

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