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September 25, 2012


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While we were working down at Canandaigua Lake, a search among the shale stones and pebbles on the beach revealed this unusual item. I showed it to my anthropologist-archaeologist daughter who thought it was only a random glacial stone, washed and worn by the glaciers and waves. I think it is a Native American single grooved axe head, but what do I know!

Flat side view

Top or Bottom view

Top or Bottom view

My thoughts:

  1. It is definitely worn and shaped (somehow) on the leading edge sloping away from the center of the stone.
  2. The back side is perfectly flat with no indentations or perceived shaping.
  3. There is a grooved indentation that runs from top to bottom along the entire side of the stone that seems to be appropriate for hafting a wooden handle to with leather thongs or strapping.
  4. Native American (specifically Seneca) artifacts are found in abundance in and around Canandaigua Lake. In fact, the Native American translation of Canandaigua is “The Chosen Spot”.

Here is a great article about the Indian legends of Canandaigua Lake and hiking near Bare Hill. What do you think? Grooved axe or hoe head or just a worn glacial stone?


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