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February 11, 2012


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This is the winter that was not winter here in upstate New York. We get a little tidge of snow off and on, and the weatherman claimed last night that we were up to 25 or so total inches – a record low for snowfall, I think. Today we do have some snow falling and maybe tomorrow the skis will come back out again – hopefully!

These pictures are from the end of January, another two days where we had enough snow for a couple of ski runs so I went out to Mendon Ponds Park again for some passes around Quaker Pond. It was lovely! The sun was out and this little rill was babbling mightily as I passed over the footbridge.

Quaker Pond runoff

A long straight run through the woodsy part of the Quaker Pond trail.

Long ski run through the woods

Don’t these tufts of snow look like cotton puff balls?

Cotton ball snow

Looking across Quaker Pond through the cattails.

Cattails around Quaker Pond

And then in a flash, the snow was gone again – all of it! A few days ago there was just enough snow to get some reasonable animal track pictures. The first one is a deer track – notice the cloven hoof pattern.

Deer track


This next one is a little house cat that has been wandering around. We have lots of little vole runways so I hope the kitty is taking care of them!

House Cat track


Ah yes, the dastardly squirrel! The squirrel has four toes on the front feet and five on the hind feet with the hind foot more elongated than the front foot. The front foot also has two pads at the rear – very clearly shown in the picture.

Squirrel track


I’m not sure about this one. We have seen Mr. Bunny out there checking things out so it could be. Triangular shaped foot patterns with rather indistinct toe patterns.

Possible rabbit tracks

Rabbit tracks?

Pretty sure this is Brer Fox. He tends to slink along the side of the garage where this was found – a five toe pad pattern all about the same size. A dog has a similar pattern, but the rear pad is larger. Plus, dogs are not allowed off leash in our area.

Fox track


This is another pattern with four toes on the front foot and five toes on the back like the squirrel, but the hind foot does not seem to be elongated. Can this be Mr. Woodchuck peeping out to see if spring has arrived?

Woodchuck tracks?

Woodchuck tracks?

If you are interested, a graphic of animal tracks is here or another post with animal track pictures from last year is here.

And a reminder that the Great Backyard Bird Count is coming up on Feb 17-20. Stay tuned!

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