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January 23, 2012

Back to nothing

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Today we are back to 50 degree temperatures and the snow is gone – again! I’ve been out cross country skiing a total of three times, but I guess that is pretty good considering the weird weather patterns we are having. On one of my trips around the Quaker Pond loop in Mendon Ponds (more pictures of past visits here and here), my sister and I saw a whole flock of bluebirds zooming around. The blue was just striking. These birds are not known for hanging around these parts in the winter according to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology so it was totally unexpected and a marvelous sight to perk up one’s spirits at the end of a relatively long ski run.

Eastern Bluebird

© Beth Donald

In other news, the snowdrops are still blooming and the daffys are up even further. My amaryllis on the windowsill that I have had for a number of years has decided that it has slept enough and is starting to poke a little green point up. The Gartenmeister fuchsias that I brought inside at the end of the season are putting on growth and blooming like crazy. Nice!

I really would like a little more winter outside though as I am not ready to come out of hibernation yet!

January 13, 2012


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Well, folks, apparently winter thinks it is finally time to arrive! Yesterday we had temps almost to 50 and the grass has been brown for weeks. The daffys were poking up about three inches, the grape hyacinths and crocuses were in full fall foliage, the snowdrops were blooming, and we were stuck somewhere between fall and winter, yet the date was almost mid-January. The weatherman said that we had had a little over seven inches of snow thus far at the airport, but I would definitely dispute that around our house. A full inch would have been generous – total! But overnight? A different story is being told. Here’s the proof:

Upper window

Deck door

Garage door and pots

Deutzia covered in snow

Chamaecyparis in snow

Frozen pool

Snowy pines

Yep, some pretty snow going on right now, but a few days ago we had this sunset.

January Sunset

I love the weather changes! Makes life exciting!

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