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April 22, 2010

April Time Warp

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This has been an odd April. It seems like time has been compressed and everything is flowering at once. It’s only April 22 and the lilacs are already beginning to open. Traditionally, the Lilac Festival is held here in Rochester in mid to late May. If we don’t get some cooler weather, the lilacs might be past when the festival is supposed to happen from May 14-23.

Bleeding heart

The natural progression of the Spring flowers has been altered and the daffodils are blooming with the poet’s eye narcissus and the grape hyacinths.

Poet's eye narcissus

The flowering trees are gorgeous this year, especially the magnolias. Around our house, the forsythia and quince are loaded with blossoms.

Mom's quince

And then there are the new fruit trees. The peaches and the pears are buzzing with the pollinating bees. The apple trees aren’t blossoming yet though.

Red Haven peach flowers

In the shade garden, the flowering bleeding hearts and the brunneras add to the colorful emerging foliage of the astilbes, heucheras, and hostas. It’s a riot of color there!

Brunnera 'Jack Frost'

The final picture is of the little crabapple tree pushing out its first buds. Isn’t she pretty?

Crabapple buds

What’s blooming at your house?

April 7, 2010

Blooming Spring

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After last weekend’s 80 and 86 degree weather, things are proceeding rapidly down the road to summer! Well, probably not quite yet because there is certain to be more cold weather ahead, but these unseasonably warm temperatures have caused early leaf break and we’ve been scrambling to get all the late pruning done. It is exciting though to see new buds appearing, blossoms opening to reveal brand-new color, little leaves unfurling, even the birds are singing their hearts out. And the best of all, the spring peepers are back!!!

Early Spring 2010 Slideshow

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