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March 31, 2009

Spring Peepers

Filed under: Creatures — Judy @ 1:33 pm

Yes!!! Spring is definitely here – I heard the peepers last night! Growing up in the floodplain of the Allegheny River, we often heard their deafening chorus – it was one of the magical rites of spring. But here in suburbia, I don’t hear those teeny guys so much. It has been fairly warm and it rained yesterday, just the formula for peepers to emerge from hibernation and activate their vocal sacs to attract mates. I’m not a frog (although I do have a seester we nicknamed Froggie at one point), but I know I was attracted! Google ‘spring peeper’ for more info. Wikipedia, that mecca of internet information/misinformation, does have a sound track of their chorus in case you don’t have the real thing nearby.

March 28, 2009

Spring day in Rahchacha!

Filed under: Miscellaneous — Judy @ 1:43 pm

Unbelievable day! Warm, full of sun, da birdies iz singin’ . . . What more could a gal want? Other than maybe a few flowers blooming. But things are perking along as they should be. Little green sprouts all over the place, buds are fattening up, the pussy willows are out, and the quince is showing a tad of color. Spring! It sure is good for the soul.

March 26, 2009

Weigela bush

Filed under: Flowers,Our gardens — Midge @ 10:03 am

One of my favorite bushes to bloom in the Spring is the Weigela bush. We used to have one outside our window growing up in Portville, so it evokes a lot of fond memories. There are so many blooms that the branches just droop with color, it is a beautiful sight. I think here in Texas I was lucky to find a good location as the hot sun in the summer tends to burn the leaves. Mine is under some oak trees that provides afternoon protection but allows it to have the morning and early afternoon sun.

weigela bush

March 24, 2009

GardenScape 2009

Filed under: Shows and Tours — Judy @ 10:54 pm

Pictures this year from GardenScape here in Rochester. The theme was Gardens of Eden – an Oasis for the Soul. Enjoy!

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