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January 30, 2009

Bottle trees

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Pam at Digging posted about her new bottle tree and it got me to thinking about the one we used to see as we traveled to our grandparents’ home for holidays. It was a big tree with at least a hundred bottles tied to it, all different colors, shapes, and sizes. Not as pretty as Pam’s, but definitely a landmark, particularly as bottle trees are rarely found up here in the north. Apparently, bottle trees are supposed to capture bad spirits at night and allow them to be destroyed in the morning light.  This would be a VERY good thing to have in this economy so I’m collecting bottles for my own bottle tree, beginning right now!  More images and history on bottle trees can be found here and here.

January 15, 2009

Starlings in December

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Starlings in December
Taken right after shoveling the driveway. What were they looking for?

So this is my first post on the blog. Wish us luck as we go forth with this new adventure!

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